7 Ways To Achieve Maximum Health, Wealth, Love And Happiness In Your Life




Want More Health, Wealth, Love And Happiness In Your Life? Here’s Exactly How To Get It…

In this blog post I’m going to share my 7 keys with you that’ll help you maximize your health, increase your wealth, feel more LOVE – and generally be a HAPPIER man.

Notice that I’m not saying these are the only 7 keys to health, wealth, love and happiness.

But there are my 7 things that work really well.

Take them, use them as you wish.

But then Thank me later.

Let’s get straight into it…

Hello Dani Oh, Here,



My 7 Ways To Achieve Healthier, Wealthier And Happier Man (That Gets Laid A LOT More Often)…

In no particular order…


#1. Become A Better Version Of Yourself Anytime You Can

Most people get up every day and just ‘go through the robotic motions.’

They eat the same crappy breakfast, lunch, and dinner…

They do the same boring job.

They hang out with the same friends that, if they’re being honest with themselves, they find pretty dull.

This isn’t a good way to MAXIMIZE the amount of health, wealth, love and happiness you have in your life.

The Japanese have this word called ‘Kaizen.’

Tony Robbins has his own version: CANI.

CANI stands for ‘Continuous and Never Ending Improvement.’

If you live your life while applying KAIZEN or CANI – amazing things happen. You can literally transform your life in just a few short months. Attracting more health, wealth, love and happiness than you ever imagined possible.

The reason why CANI works is very simple…

Small changes add up to MASSIVE change over time. So, if you commit to becoming a better version of yourself on a daily basis, in all that you do – pretty soon you start IMPROVING at a massive rate.

3 months of CANI and people think you’re a whole NEW man!

Try it…

Constantly ask yourself:

“How can I improve and get better?”

The answers will come to you. Then take action, and feel the POWER as you become better and better, and better in all that you do. Link (RECOMMENDATION SOLUTION)



#2. Stop Doing Stuff That You Hate, And Stuff You Think Is ‘OK’

You and I are here on this Earth, in our current human form, for the blink of an eye. Even if you live to be 120 years old (and most people die A LONG TIME BEFORE THAT) – it’s still not that long.

My point is?

Make the most of it.

Why spend your time doing stuff and things you HATE. Or doing stuff you think is ‘OK?’

It’s a WASTE of TIME to do that. And most definitely NOT a recipe for maximum health, wealth, love and happiness.

Why not spend your time only doing stuff you really like?

Think that might make your life a-million-times-better? Course it would.

Sure, we all have to do the odd thing we don’t like – such as speaking to the accountant or taking the trash out.

But, my point is valid…

Most people spend a ridiculous amount of time ‘being bored’ and ‘killing hours’ – instead of LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL.

Find what you enjoy and do it. Often. SIMPLE

Just doing that will bring you more health and happiness. And may very well bring more WEALTH and LOVE into your life too.

Oh and THEN get rid of the word BORED from your vocabulary. I truly believe – only BORING people get bored! Link(RECOMMENDATION SOLUTION)



#3. Fix Toxic Relationships (Or ‘Cut Them Down Or Dead’ If Unfixable)

One of the best ways to RUIN the quality of your life is to keep hold of TOXIC relationships. Instead – fix them or move on.

And I’m not just talking about toxic relationships with a woman.

It could be toxic business relationships, toxic ‘friendships’ and so on.

You know what toxic relationships do?

They Destroy, kill and put you dead. 

They STRESS you out.

They play on your mind.

They consume your ENERGY the energy you could be using to improve your life and enjoy yourself.

Many people hold onto toxic relationships out of FEAR. Fear of the unknown. Fear they won’t find something better – so they hold onto something really shitty.

I urge you NOT to do this.

Fix toxic relationships or cut them down or dead.

I could put forward a very strong argument for this being the absolute #1 thing you MUST do if you want to maximize your health, wealth, love and happiness. No exaggeration. Link (RECOMMENDATION SOLUTION)



#4. Do All That You Can, To De-Stress Yourself

Meditating is a great way to de-stress!

Too much stress is not good for your health. So if you ‘de-stress’ – you will be healthier.

Stress doesn’t do much for WEALTH either. So less stress should equal a more productive, and therefore wealthier you.

How about LOVE and SEX? What effect does stress have on those things? A BAD ONE.

So, less stress has to equal better sex.

And happiness?

Well, if you’re STRESSED to the MAX – like many people are – you won’t feel anywhere near as happy as you could.

It’s impossible. 


“How can you LOWER your stress levels?”

Well, I already mentioned one way – fixing or ending TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS.

Another way to de-stress is to commit to at least a 20 minute (and preferably 30-60 minute) ‘Relaxation Time’ each and every day.



During That ‘Relaxation Time’ You Might:

1. Take a gentle walk, or swim

2. Meditate

3. Read something light-hearted

4. Listen to relaxing music

5. Stretch




#5. Treat Your Body Like A Temple

If you want maximum health – you better treat your body right.

Maximum wealth, happiness and love can also only occur when you are HEALTHY – reinforcing how important it is to ‘treat your body like a temple.’


Here are my top 7 rules for ‘treating your body like a temple:’

1. Eat natural, unprocessed diet

2. Exercise daily, but never to exhaustion

3. Manage your stress levels

4. Get some sun on your skin every day

5. Practice ‘Deep Breathing’

6. Drink plenty of clean spring water

7. Find your true passion and spend some time on it every day

Do those 7 things, daily, and you cannot help but become happier, healthier and wealthier. 





#6. Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone On A Regular Basis

Most people stay in their ‘comfort zones.’

They don’t ask for a promotion a work – because it’s easier not to bother.

They don’t start their dream business – because it might go wrong. So it’s more comfortable to keep doing what they’re doing.

They don’t increase their weights at the gym – because it’s too much like HARD work.

They don’t try to give their women more pleasure in the bedroom- because that might involve reading a book or watching a video series first. And that’d be, you know – too difficult.

The average person sets the bar PRETTY LOW…

They don’t push themselves, and they don’t tap into even 1% of their true potential. 

Pretty sad.

My challenge to you is to PUSH YOURSELF out of your comfort zone on a regular basis. It’s only when you do this that change occurs and you gain more health, wealth, love and happiness.


I’ll give you examples of when I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and it paid off:

When I quit ‘’my profitable day to day work game’ and found my true passion – teaching men how to be better lovers, how to be better Forex traders and how to make money from affiliate marketing online.

Sure, the first year was HARD – and my income went down.

But now?

Now I’m reaping the rewards – I LOVE my ‘job’ – and it pays me better than the day to day job game ever did. Link(RECOMMENDATION SOLUTION)



#7. Hang Around With People Who Make You A Better Man

It is a million times EASIER to SUCCEED when you surround yourself with exceptional people who excel in the areas you want to excel at.

For instance – if you want to be a world-class tennis player – do you think you’re going to get there playing against 80-year-old men who can barely move?



You need to play against quality opposition. And have a great coach.

Everything in life works this way.

Business, sports, relationships.

Find great people. Spend time with ‘them. Let their MAGIC rub off on you.

Just be sure to give some VALUE back to them too otherwise, why should they keep hanging around with you? Link(RECOMMENDATION SOLUTION)






Thank You And Talk To You Soon,

Wishing You Affiliate Marketing Success

Dani Oh,

Author: How To Start Affiliate Marketing At Home

Teaching Business, Building Lives



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