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I welcome you to today’s post ”The old adage”:

Do you remember The old adage?” The Money is in the LIST!” is so true in both Network Marketing and Affiliate marketing and this is why 98% of the people in both industries FAIL! If you really, truly want to succeed, then you need to understand your “market”. Before people will “buy” from other people, they have to trust that person/seller…they have to feel comfortable with YOU…otherwise, they have to know You!

The only way you can get to know them is to build a list of buyers.  Now, if you want to build a big list, you have to know your “market”.  

At any given time, there are approximately 40 to 50 million people worldwide involved in the Network Marketing Industry and 7 to 10 million affiliate marketers worldwide involved in the affiliate marketing Industry…..up to 60 million people promoting a product and/or business opportunity. (Build an email list with any video)

In most cases, 98% of them are focused on their current primary business.

 If you advertise a product/business opportunity to the 60 million of which less than 2% are receptive to your offer, how big do you think your list will be only reaching that 2%? I can tell you it will be much larger if you can reach the 98% of the 60 million. affiliate link (Get Commission Black Ops Money Secret


How do you do that? 

By advertising a Service, Tool or Traffic Source that they all want and need. This, in turn, will help you or anyone promoting a product/ business opportunity all while making you extra money! (How to be on page #1 of google traffic in less than 5hrs)


And finally, you can…

Use this Simplified FREE System to build an UNLIMITED list while Branding Yourself online for a free month after month! you know what? I use it my self…

I understand that you need more than just landing pages and a list builder to create massive success online!

Gorilla Marketing Pro offers you a whole suite of tools to help you build your business and Brand YOU.

They spared no expense when building GMP and it’s arsenal of tools, but make no mistake… It’s all yours to use… FREE for life! From UNLIMITED TEAM ROTATORS to STATE OF THE ART TRACKING… You’ll never need another SYSTEM to build your business. (Get GMP tool here)

 This will save you hundreds of dollars per month! (SEE PRODUCT LINK HERE)






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Author: How To Start An Affiliate Marketing At Home


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