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Navigating Your Cpanel and Hosting

  This is a beginner’s tutorial to using Cpanel to manage your web hosting account.  We can’t cover every single thing that Cpanel can do because it’s just too complex.  It’s so complex that many people are afraid to even use it. It can certainly be a bit scary for anyone who hasn’t used it before.  Technical people pick it up pretty quickly, but non-technical people usually stick to using only the most basic features to avoid […]

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How To Get Indexed Fast in Google

  A lot of people seem to think it takes weeks (or even months) to get indexed in Google, but that’s just not true.  Almost anyone can get his or her site crawled and indexed in two weeks or less – sometimes you can even be listed in the Google index in as little as a few hours! There are several ways to get indexed quickly.  All of them involve getting links to your site on other […]

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Creating A Minisite As An Internet Newbie

  Welcome to my website, so the word “mini-site” can refer to a number of different things.  Some people call small niche article sites mini sites, but that isn’t the general use of the word.  In Internet marketing, the word “mini-site” is generally used to refer to very small websites that are set up to sell a product – usually an eBook or other digital downloads. Most mini sites are only 1-5 pages.  Some of them are […]

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