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I just wanted to quickly and happily say thank you for stopping by and taking a look at CashwalletResources.com, and tell you a little bit about myself and what I can do for you.


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A Little Bit About Myself…



I’m 37 years old, born and raised in Eastern Part Of Africa. I’m a huge sports fan and it made up a lot of my life growing up.

I love Writing, playing Analytical games, Snooker and most of all Chess.

I have spent 2years of my life in Italy doing Affiliate Marketing and Trading the Forex and Stock Market with YesFx Company, this lovely career I have done for more than 9 years now and I tell you it has been a successful journey but now I have got a beautiful spouse as a Wife while living in the Netherlands Presently.





(You Can See, This Is Me In The Picture Right Here)



Discovering Why Personal Freedom Is The Secret To Health And Success. This Is My Career Discovery Journey To Italy Quite Difference From Growing Up In Eastern Africa, But I Enjoy It.




What I Love Doing Most…

I love to spend time with my family…

We enjoy traveling all over the world and seeing different things together.

Below are just a few pictures of some of the places we have been.

Luckily my work allows me to do this…





Travelin Abroad, Having Fun And Meeting New People And Friends While Trading Forex And Doing My Online Affiliate Marketing… Great Financial Opportunities.





There Is Nothing Like Having Your Own Personal Financial Attitude And Freedom, Doing What You Love.



My Internet And Affiliate Marketing Journey…

I started online marketing in late 2010 when I couldn’t continue with the job I got after my Graduation from the University while in the Eastern part of Africa as an Environmental Engineer and I needed income to support my Forex Trading career and I have been hooked ever since.

Although I can’t always say that my online Internet and Affiliate marketing work did pay off from day one, and there have been many bumps along the way I must admit and say, I love the freedom that being an online entrepreneur brings me along with my Forex Trading career, the challenge of trying to stay ahead of other people in the industry.


I got started in Affiliate Marketing reading other people’s Internet and Affiliate marketing books, guides, newsletters, and products. It was good for me, so I decided to test the waters of the Internet and Affiliate marketing buying other people’s works and products.

If you can name it, I have tried it when it comes to online Affiliate marketing startups, plans, strategies, and systems, but I always find my way back to the tried and true methods and systems that work and had worked overtime.

Selling other people’s products and coaching is my goal now.

It was good for me, so I decided to test the waters of product creation.

You can name it, I have tried it when it comes to online business models, strategic selling and email marketing but I always find my way back to the tried and true methods that have brought me personal success.



What Can I Do For You?

Here at CashwalletResources.Com, I do everything that I can to provide readers with information regarding Affiliate Marketing, which includes HONEST Product Reviews, Tips, and Tricks that you can take into action directly after reading any post or page here.

This is an Affiliate Marketing How To site and will stick to that topic and that topic only.

I would be doing you a disservice if I was just another person out there contributing to information overload.

I am a straight shooter and will tell you like it is, and not try to butter you up with what you want to hear.

The reason for that is because that is what someone did to me when I first got started, and it didn’t help me at all!

I am here to help because your success means my success TOO.

My goal is to create a one-stop affiliate marketing site that you can come to and get all the information that you have ever dreamed of having and giving you the direct route to success with Affiliate Marketing.




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