How Long Does It Take To See Income From Affiliate Marketing?


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If you are new to affiliate marketing you’re probably wondering how long does it take before you see some income coming in from your efforts. 

Especially if you are spending money right now on hosting and domain names.

This is an extremely relative thing because not everyone gets started with the same knowledge and using the same types of methods.

There is a very steep learning curve to affiliate marketing and many beginners get frustrated and give up long before they ever see a dime.

Many other people spend hundreds of dollars on an information product after information product trying to figure out the secrets to actually making money online.

There are secrets but many of them can only be learned through experience.

And the rest of them won’t make a lot of sense until you have a little experience anyway.

So honestly the best way to get started is just to do something and do it now.

But that doesn’t answer the question of how long will it take for me to make money online?

Honestly, if any experienced, successful affiliate marketer were to start all over again with the knowledge they have now they could probably be making money online within hours.

But the only way a newbie to affiliate marketing is going to be making money within hours is if they offer a service – if they do something like go to and say I will write you 10 articles for X amount of money. 

And even then, there is still a learning curve to learn how to use the site and how to convince people to hire you.

My best guess is that the earliest a person who knows absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing will start making money is about six months.


That is disheartening, isn’t it?

Honestly, if you could find a mentor – someone to take you under their wing and teach you exactly what they know step by step – then maybe you could be making money earlier.

Maybe within one to two months. Make Money Much Faster Here

But in this case you are actually learning affiliate marketing – you are just copying someone else’s system.

And that’s okay if it works it works and you can learn more when you decide to. 

It’s not easy to find a mentor though.  

Your best bet might be to add on over to a popular Internet marketing forum like the warrior forum and start reading everything you can.

There are even some forums where you pay a monthly fee and get a more private, focused group atmosphere that is focused on helping beginners. Best Recommended Way To Make Money Faster 

This is a valid way for someone brand-new to affiliate marketing to get started and try to cut their learning curve down as short as possible.

Whatever you are going to do – get started today!






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